Training information for Freshers

Middle and Long Distance Group

Events Covered– Distances from 800 metres to 10k and Cross-Country

The Groups coaches, who are members of Durham City Harriers and A.C. and are all unpaid volunteers, form part of the partnership between Durham City Harriers and Durham University

            Lead Coach Bryan Mackay– Level 3 Endurance Coach

            Assisted by   John Richardson– Level 2 Endurance Coach

                                    Jason Catterall – Coaching Assistant

Progressive Training Programmesare developed based around the needs of the individual athletes and their Competition Programmes. Focus from the University point of view is the BUCS Championships at Cross-Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field. If you compete for a club, at County, Area and National events this can be built into the programme.

Taster sessionswill be provided during the first few weeks of the term, meeting trackside at 6.45 pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and at 10.45 am on Sunday mornings. This is your chance to meet the coaches and discuss your athletic development.

The group comprises of both Durham City Harrier athletes and DUAXC athletes of various ages and abilities. 

Session details are posted to DUAXC Club Captains via Facebook, and the coaches brief the athletes prior to each session of its content. 


Long sprints group.

This group has worked with the current holders of the Durham University records for a number of events (male and female) such as 200, 400, 400m hurdles, 110m hurdles and athletes who have won medals at the BUCS Championships in recent years …including a gold medal at this year’s BUCS outdoor championships.

A number of Durham City Harriers records including for women’s 100, 200, 400, 800, 100m hurdles, 400m hurdles and men’s 200 and 400 were set by athletes who worked or are still working in the group

However, DUAXC & Durham City Harriers Long Sprints Group accommodates all levelsof athletes wishing to train for 200/400m, 400/800 & 110m/400m hurdles (see photo of the happy bunch!) 

To hear how this group operates Max and Julie Coleby the UKA qualified coaches who have led the group for many years will, as in previous years,  be providing a power point presentation on Saturday 12thOctober at 11.00am in the Dojo Room upstairs in the new building at Maiden Castle(ask at the reception desk for directions). This presentation sets out in some detail how we work. Current students training with the group will be at the presentation and will be happy to chat with anybody interested in joining the group. The men’s and women’s DUAXC track captains and this year’s DUAXC president and vice president will also be attending the presentation together with some of the holders of current Durham University athletic records and BUCS medallists.

If you wish to make contact with Max or Julie prior to the 12thOctober Powerpoint presentation you will be able to find us in the main reception area of the new building at Maiden Castle between 5.30pm and 6.00pm on Tuesday 8thand Thursday 10thOctober. After those times we will be working with the group either on the track or on the main cricket field to the left of the main building. When training on the cricket field the group meets at the pavilion on the far side of the field. Again, ask at reception if you do not know who Max and Julie are!

Max & Julie Coleby                    

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